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Eldha Francois

Family Support Partner

As a mother of three, I am a peer in every aspect of the word as I myself have suffered with Bipolar depression, and also have three children one of which has special needs. I enjoy spending my free time with my children and have made it my greatest priority to be a shining example to my children. I have, for over 20 years devoted much of my career to servicing society’s most needy populations, including Mental Health and Substance Abuse by working at local homeless shelters. I have also done volunteer work such as feeding the homeless and providing clothing and monetary donations to community-based programs. I am a proud member of Peaceful Zion Baptist Church and my Christian values have taught me to show love and kindness to everyone I encounter. My new Family is now South Florida Wellness Network, Inc, Federation of Families, Broward. I am a Family Support Partner and look forward to working with all populations.


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