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Susan Nyamora, MSW, NCRPSS


Susan is a devoted advocate for the Recovery Movement. She is a compassionate business leader at heart with a master’s degree in Social Work who runs a Recovery Community Organization staffed with over 40 Peer Specialists. Ms. Nyamora is not just an advocate; she is a hands-on leader who strongly believes in just and equal treatment for all.
Ms. Nyamora has made a personal commitment to empower and educate others by sharing her experience, strength and hope. She is a devoted advocate for individuals and families. She believes that natural supports are beneficial to everyone’s wellness. Realizing the desperate need for services that assist individuals and families that are living with mental illness and substance abuse, she frequently advocates for funding and to raise awareness to reduce the stigma that is associated with mental health and
substance use disorders.
As a result of her passion and dedication to help others Ms. Nyamora is well recognized in the recovery community. She has assisted many individuals through the reunification process of the child welfare system, and has provided support to those facing the criminal justice system and the restoration of their rights. She has helped hundreds of families’ transition from treatment to maintenance through prevention plans. In addition, she consistently advocates for individuals to receive services that promote self-reliance, independence and minimize homelessness and incarceration.
Ms. Nyamora has received multiple recognitions for her dedication and hard work in the Broward County community. She has a proven record in establishing quality, efficient treatment services in behavioral health, advocacy, peer-to-peer services, nonprofit leadership and other related services. Ms. Nyamora is currently involved in several community workgroups to address community needs. Ms. Nyamora sits on the Board of the local Managing Entity, Floridan’s For Recovery and the Chair of the Consumer Advisory Council.


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