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Recovery Navigation

Core Values and Concepts are adapted from the Recovery Oriented System of Care Philosophy

  • Self-Directed

  • Individualized 

  • Person Centered

  • Multiple Pathways

  • Holistic

  • Non-Linear

  • Strengths-Based

  • Trauma Informed

  • Culturally Responsive

  • Inclusive of Family 

  • Hope


Through a recovery-oriented and supportive community, SFWN addresses public policy barriers that keep people from sustaining their recovery.


Education and Awareness:

Educating the public, policy makers, and service providers about the negative impact and consequences of stigma and the prevalence and multiple pathways of recovery.


Training and Advocacy Activities:

SFWN delivers a variety of peer recovery support services throughout Broward County including training for Peer Specialists, Mental Health First Aid, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Whole Health Action Management, Parent Advocates and Youth Advocates.

Peer-Support and Coaching:

Peer Specialists assist individuals and families in navigating and accessing services and systems of care based on an approach grounded in trust, support, self-determination, choice, shared experiences.

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