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Families  Are Stronger Together!



Family Support 

Our Family Support partners uses their own personal experience to provide support and linkage to families as they navigate difficult situations. These challenges include mental health challenges, substance use and/or other difficult circumstances.

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Federation of Families

Focuses on providing support, advocacy, and resources for families with youth and young adults with mental health and/or substance use challenges. Federation of Families has an established advisory council to promote awareness, reduce stigma and improve services.

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Education & Advocacy

We provide education and training opportunities to assist families in becoming more knowledgeable about mental health and substance use to become a "Family Champion" for their children and become leaders across the recovery movement.

Contact Us

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Hours of Operation

RCC North: 5225 NW 33rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Monday           8:30am -8:00pm​

  • Tuesday           8:30am -5:00pm

  • Wednesday      8:30am -5:00pm

  • Thursday          8:30am -8:00pm

  • Friday              8:30am -5:00pm

  • Saturday          8:30am -5:00pm

RCC South: 6969 Taft St., Hollywood, FL 33024

  • Monday         8:30am -5:00pm​

  • Tuesday         8:30am -5:00pm

  • Wednesday   8:30am -5:00pm

  • Thursday       8:30am -8:00pm

  • Friday           8:30am -8:00pm

  • Saturday       8:30am -5:00pm                          954-533-0585

Need Narcan? Call: 954-533-0585

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